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Happytalism - Our Most Successful Initiative Yet

As part of our commitment to developing and supporting the Caribbean region during one of its most challenging times, Guardian Group launched Happytalism, a regional initiative focused on the key issues of mental health and financial well-being. The objective of this 3-month programme which kicked off on 1st March 2022, was to bring to the fore, the science behind how people rise to challenges and create happier outlooks on life, in spite of negative or unfavourable circumstances. The programme attracted over 4,000 participants from across the region.

Participants of this initiative received advice, tips and profound insights into becoming more emotionally resilient, happier and as a bonus, even how to become financially better disposed, both in business and brand development.

The Happytalism series featured workshops and seminars led by best-selling author, esteemed Harvard Lecturer and global icon on positivity and happiness, Dr Tal Ben Shahar, who shared amazing insights on achieving happiness and building emotional resilience in the most difficult times. Also providing an incredible blueprint for designing the life you want by introducing us to tools such as Appreciate Inquiry was Executive Director for the United Nations founded University for Peace, Mohit Mukherjee. And for the business and branding aspects of this programme, we took a deep dive with Ernie Ross, Lead Innovator and creator of the trademarked Intangience methodology, as he took us through the importance of a value driven and purpose centric approach to connecting with your consumers.

We are grateful for the interest and participation received for this event and look forward to continuing to play a part in the development of the people of the Caribbean.

2 years ago