Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is a critical part of prudent financial planning.  In the event of your death, life insurance provides a monetary safety net for your family, enabling them to maintain their lifestyle in a dignified manner.

Guardian Life offers a range of policy options to meet your specific needs. There are Whole Life insurance policies - which provide coverage for the "whole" of your life, as well as Term insurance policies which provide coverage over a fixed period and can be renewed. Guardian Life's policies can be tailor made for your life's changing needs.

To help you in this process are our sales representatives (trained financial advisors) who would evaluate your needs and accurately make recommendations, as your financial circumstances may indicate.


Life Evolution Series

Created with you in mind, Life Evolution's Liberator provides life assurance. Rejuvenator provides living assurance, and Investor is geared towards savings and investments. Under this umbrella plan, you can customize an insurance plan that's designed to meet your life's changing needs.

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Flexi Term Series

What's the most life insurance coverage you can get for the least amount of money? It's likely to be Flexi-Term. This insurance coverage offers the most effective term life insurance available today.

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Liberator Plus

The future looks long and bright…Enjoy it with your oved ones and ensure that they can be financially secure in the years to come with Guardian Life’s Liberator Plus.Guardian Life of the Caribbean recognizes that because of our increasingly ageing population there is a need for life insurance cover beyond age 65.


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