Kadooment Day – Basic Safety Tips!

Kadooment Day celebrations are underway and the atmosphere is filled with fun and excitement! It’s just once every year, and we look forward to it! Despite the revelry, we must remember that safety comes first at all times.

With this blog piece, we have listed 5 Basic Safety Tips for everyone taking part in Kadooment celebrations across the country.

1. Wear minimal jewellry – Jewellry is one of the most popular accessories, particularly during Kadooment time. While we understand that you would want to look your best and stand out, remember that jewellry is valuable, especially silver and gold. This can attract the attention of individuals who may seek to do you ill.

If you do plan on wearing jewellry, wear very minimal amounts or use plastic ‘costume’ jewelry.


2. Travel in groups – There is safety in numbers! No matter where you go, be sure to travel in a group of no less than 5 persons. Not only does it provide you with protection should you encounter trouble, but the chance of being targeted by ill-seekers is considerably less.

3. Use sunscreen – Being out in the sun all day can do serious damage to your skin; be sure to use sunscreen! Sunscreen is specially made to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, and also mitigates sun burn. It is a must-have if you plan on being out of cover for hours on end.


4. Avoid carrying large purses – Large purses may give you multiple compartments and allow you to carry everything you need but like jewellry, large purses give the impression of a stash of valuables and this attracts the wrong attention.

Use a smaller clutch or a wallet instead.

5. Stay hydrated – Being out in the sun can easily dehydrate you, even more so if you are partaking in Kadooment festivities. Ensure that you remain hydrated by keeping a bottle of water on your person at all times.

Aim to drink at least 2 liters of water for the duration of the day.

We hope these Basic Safety Tips are useful and do have a Happy Kadooment Day!


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