About Us

In 2001 Guardian Holdings Limited acquired N.E.M. (West Indies) Insurance Limited (NEMWIL). NEMWIL, formed in 1960, previously represented National Employers Mutual General Insurance Association which had been conducting business in Trinidad since 1927. At the time of the acquisition, NEMWIL was the largest Property & Casualty insurer indigenous to the Caribbean, trading in over seventeen islands.

Also in 2001 Guardian Holdings acquired the Caribbean Home Insurance Company. Caribbean Home operated mainly in the southern Caribbean with a few operations further north. As well as its reputable property and casualty business, they also maintained a sizeable health insurance portfolio in Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados.

When the operations were consolidated to form Guardian General Insurance Limited, the health insurance portfolios for both companies were transferred to our sister company, Guardian Life of the Caribbean, thus making Guardian General Insurance Limited a purely property and casualty insurer.

The Guardian General brand is now used in operations in Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados with the NEM (West Indies) Insurance Limited brand maintained in the eastern and northern Caribbean. This dedicated property and casualty insurance company also includes a subsidiary company.

Trans NEMWIL in Grenada and West Indies Alliance Limited of Jamaica.

Today, Guardian General Insurance Limited is the largest property and casualty insurer in the region and is indigenously Caribbean.


Customer-centricity - Understand what matters to the customers, then provide that better than anyone else. 

Global excellence - Be best-in-world, not just best-in-Caribbean

Bias Action - Being first is better than being perfect

Commitment - Discuss openly, disagree respectfully, decide quickly and commit wholly.

Curiosity - Question answers.  Learn and be curious

Continuous Improvement - Be better today than yesterday


To provide peace of mind and prosperity to communities in the Caribbean and across the World.


To lead the World in creating financial freedom for You in good times and in bad, through positive interactions, powered by technology.